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Power Rangers Pirate Spirits (Gokaiger Adaptation)

Yeah, yeah, new look, crazy over Phillip, blah blah blah, the usual natter. I guess those who browse my other accounts know what's been going on lately. Let's cut to the chase: since Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is reaching its end, I thought it was about time for me to show you how I think its Power Rangers adaptation would be like. Ladies and gentlemen: Power Rangers Pirate Spirits!

While on a plane to Angel Grove, California, Gordon Crenshaw has a dream in which an army of Power Rangers battles against invading alien forces and lose their powers in order to defeat them. When he arrives, it doesn't take long until his life is turned upside down when he joins a brand new squad of Power Rangers, the Pirate Spirits Power Rangers, in their quest to gain the Power Blessings of the 15 known Power Rangers teams and master, not just their powers, but those of 20 more Power Ranger team around the galaxy, with the goal of stopping the Apocalyptica Empire from taking over the entire universe.



- Reese Sparrow / Red Pirate Ranger (Captain Marvelous / GokaiRed): The self-proclaimed leader of the team ("because red is the color of leadership" as he claims). A huge fan of pirate stories, he may seem like a jerk at first sight, but is quite nice when you get to know him better. Before becoming a Ranger, he had a rock band called Sparrow and the Swashbucklers, in which he was lead vocals.
- Beck Hoffman / Blue Pirate Ranger (Joe Gibken / GokaiBlue): The cold-hearted and strict son of a retired military general, he is a skilled martial artist, having been tutored by none other than Adam Park, and every so often butts heads with Reese.
- Yasmin Price / Yellow Pirate Ranger (Luka Millfy / GokaiYellow): Official second-in-command of the team, even though she is third in the roll call, she is a fashionista who is obssessed with the idea of becoming rich, and can be rather aggressive at times.
- Gordon Crenshaw / Green Pirate Ranger (Don Dogoier / GokaiGreen): The latest member and peacemaker of the team, he has recently moved to Angel Grove and lives with his mother. He is kind, mild-mannered, extremely shy, and has a strong sense of justice.
- Penelope Sparrow / Pink Pirate Ranger (Ahim de Famille / GokaiPink): Reese's younger sister and the team's medic. Soft-spoken and ladylike, she aims to become a veterinarian in the future, and is the one who gives Gordon his Legacy Morpher. Before becoming a Ranger she was the keyboardist and female vocal in her brother's band.

By the way, no, Navi won't have a counterpart. If Bomper didn't have a counterpart in the canon RPM, why not?


- Prince Maleficus (Warz Gil): Commander of the Apocalyptica Empire, Maleficus attempts to earn his father's respect while showing himself as one of elite status and not the idiotic brat that he and the royal court see him to be.
- Silenx (Damaras): Maleficus' second-in-command and the Empire's strategist.
- Tristelle (Insarn): The Empire's evil scientist, supplying the monsters with powerful weapons and modifications and able to fight with an energy whip, as well as usually being the one who makes the monsters grow.
- Villeborg (Barizorg): A cyborg who is completely loyal to Maleficus, almost like a butler. He and Beck have a rivalry due to Villeborg having killed Beck's girlfriend sometime ago.
- Rogue Pirate Ranger (Basco + Gokai Silver): An evil Ranger created by Maleficus, he never speaks (his Legacy Morpher does the speaking for him) and was somehow given access to the powers of the sixth rangers.
- Trashers (Gormin): The Empire's footsoldiers armed with weapons provided by Tristelle. They are dropped from the Apocalyptica ships through chandelier-like devices that magnetically hold them by their flat, metallic heads.


- Zoe Fielding (no counterpart): A girl the Rangers meet during their journey, she is shy and demure, but knows how to defend herself. She and Beck develop a bond of sorts.

(Note: Teams with an "of" inbetween are alien teams)

Himitsu Sentai Goranger = Power Rangers of Eltar
JAKQ Dengekitai = Power Rangers Card Shuffle
Battle Fever J = Power Ranger Earth Squad
Denjiman = Power Rangers of Nanobyte
Sun Vulcan = Power Rangers Solar Storm
Goggle Five = Power Rangers Lost Treasures
Dynaman = Power Rangers Dynamo
Bioman = Power Rangers of Energica
Changeman = Power Rangers Mythic Fury
Flashman = Power Rangers Supernova
Maskman = Power Rangers Corona Aurora
Liveman = Power Rangers Nature Call
Turboranger = Power Rangers Nitro
Fiveman = Power Rangers Pentagon
Jetman = Power Rangers of Orninthox (Instead of copying the original Jetmen and making them into members of the government, they will be aliens that look half-human, half-bird.)
Dairanger = Power Rangers Thunder Strike
Goseiger = Power Rangers Heaven Way (They will have a female Green Ranger as their Sixth Ranger, and GoseiKnight's counterpart will be an Extra Hero.)

I decided to vary a little on the "making male Rangers into female" shtick Saban used to do until Wild Force; instead of just being the yellows all the time I went all wild and made tons of different colors female, sometimes to the point of even having female leaders. Here's how it goes (discarding, of course, the teams with two girls):

Goranger = Aoranger
JAKQ Dengekitai = Big One
Battle Fever J = None
Denjiman = DenjiGreen
Sun Vulcan = VulEagle
Goggle Five = Goggle Yellow
Dynaman = DynaBlue
Liveman = Green Sai
Turboranger = Black Turbo
Dairanger = Tenmaranger (This one is further explored in my rewrite of Power Rangers RPM which has a flashback episode showing the Dairangers' PR counterparts)

So what do you guys think? Is it good enough? Should I change anything? Comment and let me know! See ya!

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Cross Ship Talk

No, this isn't a joke. This journal is dead serious. Let me talk about two things concerning my opinion on shipping.

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There. I guess that's all I had to say. See ya! And I hope you liked my brand new Xybrian layout! ;)
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Shameless Petehiru Shipping: Let Me Be Your Wings

Just something random and silly, but with a certain meaning. There is another reason for my Peter Pan/Ahiru crossover pairing: they're like Cornelius and Thumbelina from, well, Thumbelina. Why? Well, people on Youtube made AMVs with the song "Let Me Be Your Wings" to both Peter/Jane and Mytho/Ahiru (but surprisingly none for Fakir/Ahiru, considering it's the Fan Preferred Couple), so... Why didn't anybody do a Peter/Ahiru video with this song? It's perfect! XD

Oh, and did I mention the Princess Tutu version of the Thumbelina trailer (again with some Mytho/Ahiru)? I guess not.
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New AMV: "Your Love is my Drug"

Yesterday, I finished my newest AMV to celebrate my new obsession over Omishi Magical Theatre: Risky☆Safety. It's a shipping AMV with the titular pairing (I think they would make a cute love-hate couple, with Risky being all tsundere about it), and the song "Your Love is my Drug" by Ke$ha (so catchy~). You can view it below.

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Dejitaru Henshinka!

Recently I had a strange idea of crossing Digimon with the maho shōjo anime genre, but before you ask: NO, IT DOESN'T INVOLVE OTAKU SENSHI OR FANMADE MEW MEWS. Instead of doing that, I decided to go for having them as girls who adquire Digimentals and transform into warriors with Digimon DNA (again, this is NO WAY like in Tokyo Mew Mew; they don't work in a cafe or have to fight aliens or anything).

And guess who I picked as the main characters? *drumroll*

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What do you think of this rather crazy idea?
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Magical Girl name suggestions

I was browsing through a site about bad baby names and I not only discovered that mom was right about the meaning of my name (it means "bringer of happiness" ^^ Shiawase getto da yo~!), but I also found a bunch of names that would sound like great mahou shoujo alter-egos. I tried assocciating them to elements, getting success on most of them. First of all, the more standard ones, with two words:

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And the ones with a single word, which are more common for stuff like Otaku Senshi or fanmade Mew Mews:

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Are these names any interesting? Or are they fail names?
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A Big Trip and Much More

First of all, Happy Belated 2010! ^^; I hope you guys had a great New Year party and are SO hoping for less celebrity deaths that Heartcatch is better than Fresh this year will be better than 2009. I am certainly hoping so.

Anyway, from Tuesday I'll be on a big trip with mom. First we'll go to Aracaju by bus, stay there a couple of days, then take a bus to Maceió, stay some more days there, and go back home so we can go to João Pessoa by car. Phew. It's a lot of things for a single 13-year-old. But I'm hoping that this trip will be superb anyways. Maybe I can even go watch the Princess and the Frog for once! (Depending on the city I am, of course.)

But I won't be offline THAT often. No sir, a friend of mom's has told us how to activate wireless internet, AND he installed .Net Framework, AND he installed Photoshop, AND I'll be redoing my Rugrats in Paris parody. Yes, that last one was completely off-topic. XD

Plus, since there's some space left, I am gonna comment about obviousness and shipping. Sometimes I ship some couples because "they're always together, it's cute, definitely gonna work" (like with Soul and Maka from Soul Eater), but sometimes said couples have a HUGE fanbase because of the same reasons and because of the various hints that it's gonna be canon. And I'm like "they can't be together, she'll find a better guy"; in other words, I hate them together (like with CocoNozo and Phinbella). Why? It depends on the couple; some are cute and some are sickeningly sweet. So I try controlling myself to not get diabetes. XD

I guess that's all. See ya later! ;)

And as a final note, yes, I know that the Pretty Cure Kink Meme was a failure. =_=; I seriously don't know how to only allow anonymous comments. Any help?